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How to earn money through Whatsapp Channel.

As Whatsapp announced new feature of “Whatsapp Channel” many of the Celebrities, YouTube Creators, Bloggers, Social influencers & business person etc. started creating their own whatsapp channels to share the content & earn money through whats app channel.

Now everyone can create their own channels and earn money through it.

How to earn money through Whatsapp Channel.

How to earn money through Whatsapp Channel.

How to create Whatsapp Channel?

Step 1. First Update your Whatsapp App businees through play store.

Step 2. Open Whats app -> go to updates-> Scroll down from status.

When you scroll down till last of status, you will see channels option.

Step 3. Now click on + add button, you will see 2 options Create channel & Find channel.

If you want to find any other channel then click on Find Channel

Step 4. To create a new channel, click on Create Channel.

You will see window appeared saying Create a “Channel to reach unlimited followers” below will be shown channel guidelines which need to be followed otherwise your channel can be blocked. Click on continue.

Step 5. Upload your logo, Provide Channel Name & Describe about your channel which will useful for your followers.

Step 6. After filling details click on Create Channel.

How to earn money through Whatsapp Channel.

After channel got created make it public so that everyone can see content you share, to grow your channel you can share your channel link with your friends & other whatsapp groups, telegram groups, everywhere in social media etc. or you can copy the link & keep it in your own status.

And now you start sharing your content in this channel, there are various ways to earn money through this channel. Firstly, you need to gain more followers so that your post reaches to as many people as possible.

If you joined amazon affiliate program then you can share your amazon affiliate link, if you are youtuber you can share your youtube videos to gain more subscribers & views. There many other affiliate marketing from which you can earn money by sharing that link.  If you are blogger, you can share your post links to gain more traffic on your website. If your channels followers are more than you may get sponsorship for promoting other apps, products etc.

How to earn money through Whatsapp Channel.

Below are the few tutorial videos you can watch for more details.

How to earn money through Whatsapp

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How to earn money through Whatsapp Channel.

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