Apple has hiked the cost price of battery replacement in iPhone, iPad and MacBook.

If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad or MacBook, then be ready to pay more for the replacement of the battery. Only if your device is out of warranty.

The cost of replacing the batteries in iPhone which comes with home button has been hiked from $49 to $69.

For MacBook Pro battery replacement cost price increased by $50 and for MacBook Air by $30.

The Battery replacing cost for the iPad Pro 12.9 inch is $179 & for iPad Pro 11-inch 4th Generation is $149

People whose devices are under warranty may need not wo worry about the increased cost price of the battery replacement

People who have AppleCare+ will not be affected by the increased cost price.

AppleCare+ normally covers two occurrences of accidental damage, including battery concerns.

The cost of replacing the battery for iPhone, iPad and MacBook may varies depend upon region to region.