So far, each smartphone has only one photo, but you can see that the camera on the new Xiaomi product captures more light, making objects in the shadows visible.

They are difficult to see on the S23 Ultra. Simultaneously, the image outside the window on the Xiaomi flagship appears slightly overexposed in comparison to the competitor.

It's definitely not worth drawing any conclusions based on a single photo from each smartphone, but the Xiaomi 14 Pro is a very good camera phone.

Display: Xiaomi 14 pro display is 6.73inches AMOLED, whereas Samsung S23 Ultra is 6.8Inches Dynamic AMOLED display.

Chipset: Xiaomi 14 Pro has Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 max clock 3300MHz, whereas Samsung S23 Ultra has 8 gen 2 3360MHz.

Battery: Samsung S23 Ultra comes with 5000mAh battery 45W Charging power, Whereas Xiaomi 14 Pro has 4880mAh battery with 120W charging power.

Main Camera: Samsung S23 Ultra has 200MP 8k video recording up to 30FPS slow motion @960FPS, Xiaomi 14 Pro has 50MP 8k recording up to 24FPS slow motion @1920FPS.

Front Camera: Samsung S23 Ultra comes with 12MP & image resolution 4000x3000, whereas Xiaomi 14 Pro has 32MP with image resolution of 6528x4896.