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1.It's named after a Danish lord. Harold 'Blatand' Gormsson king of Denmark in the 10th century, loved blueberries so much that his teeth were perpetually blue. "Bluetooth" is simply an anglicized version of his nickname.

Its range is much bigger than it used to be.

the upper limit of its range used to be 10 feet or so, newer Bluetooth devices can communicate up to 100 feet.

There are five different versions of it.

The first version was called 1.1, which was followed by 1.2, 2.0 plus EDR, 3.0 plus HB and version 4. They are backwards-compatible with Bluetooth devices.

It can be used with multiple devices.

The newest version lets a single device act as "master" and communicate with up to seven "slaves" at once.

It's gained lots of popularity. In 2008,

only 5% of mobile devices were Bluetooth-enabled. Compare that to today, when roughly 95% of mobile devices support it.